4 CRMs empowered by powerful AI features and strategies
4 CRMs empowered by powerful AI features and strategies


Utilizing natural language processing (NLP), a simple command is all you need. Direct your request to the CRM’s AI ChatBot, and a finely tuned report is promptly prepared for your clients or senior team members with just a click.

The immediate benefits are evident: achieving results with one command and click instead of six clicks. However, what may not be immediately apparent is that with AI integrated into CRMs in this manner, navigating the system becomes simpler than ever.

Enhanced user-friendliness translates to reduced training requirements and shorter onboarding sessions. Furthermore, your team gains more time to focus on tasks where they can maximize their value.

Pro tip: Customize Freddy AI to match the aesthetics of your website seamlessly.

Price: Freshworks’ CRM plans start at $15 per month, with options available up to $69 per month.

Hubspot’s ChatSpot is designed to support sales, marketing, and service professionals by automating tasks and simplifying CRM navigation when integrated with HubSpot CRM.

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