The Art and Science of Data Analytics

Uncover real-time, meaningful insights from your data using our data analytics expertise and craft outstanding customer experiences.

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    Analytics serves as a crucial pillar of Hyperautomation, revolutionizing the way businesses operate and thrive in the era of Digital Transformation. It provides the essential insights needed to drive Hyperautomation initiatives effectively. By applying Advanced Analytics models, businesses can extract valuable insights from data and utilize them to make informed decisions regarding process optimization, resource allocation, and strategic planning. These insights can help identify trends, anticipate customer needs, and align business strategies with changing market dynamics.

    With a deep understanding of the transformative potential of data and automation, JK Tech is at the forefront of providing Analytics powered by Hyperautomation. We assist in leveraging various Analytics such as Reporting, Data Visualization, Predictive Modeling, Prescriptive Modeling, and Advanced Analytics and integrating them with automation technologies. This helps organizations drive intelligent decision-making, optimize processes, and stay ahead in today’s data-driven and rapidly evolving business landscape.

    Strategic Partnerships

    Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud Platform, Oracle Cloud

    Working with Wrinom’s cloud strategy services means you get to tap into our expertise and proven cloud adoption methodologies that guide cloud investments, deploy technical foundations, and execute the cloud migration process. 

    What We Do in Cloud Consulting

    About Wrinom

    In today’s data analytics landscape, organizations accumulate vast datasets, demanding effective optimization and conversion into valuable business insights.

    • 10 years in data analytics and data science.
    • 8 years in business intelligence and data warehouse services.
    • 5 years in big data.
    • years in Microsoft Power BI services.
    • Competencies in machine learningartificial intelligencedata science, and image analysis.
    • ISO 9001 and ISO 27001-certified to assure the quality of the data analysis services and the security of the customers’ data.

    How You Benefit from Wrinom as Your Analytics Partner

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      Descriptive Analytics
      Descriptive analytics provides insights into historical data, helping organizations understand past trends and performance. It aids in reporting and visualizing data, offering a clear picture of what has happened.
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      Diagnostic Analytics
      Diagnostic analytics goes a step further by identifying the reasons behind past events. It uncovers the root causes of certain outcomes and is crucial for issue resolution and process improvement.
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      Real-Time Analytics
      Real-time analytics processes and analyzes data as it is generated, allowing businesses to make immediate decisions based on current data, suitable for applications like fraud detection and IoT data analysis.
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      Customer Analytics
      Customer analytics helps businesses understand customer behavior, preferences, and needs to improve marketing, customer experiences, and product development.
    Time-saving automation

    We set up automated data management and governance processes and implement self-service BI to ensure you can easily create ad hoc reports without any coding skills, and your IT team doesn’t have to manage data manually.

    Easy-to-read reports

    We use various data visualization techniques to highlight the most important analytics insights in each report and make them easy to scan at one glance.

    Reliable insights due to trustworthy data

    We consolidate your disparate data sources into a DWH to serve as a single point of truth for enterprise-wide analytics. Our robust ETL processes will guarantee your data is always accurate, consistent, and complete to facilitate dependable analytics.

    Value-focused data analytics

    As an expert analytics consultancy, we don’t simply build reports — our goal is to help you fully utilize the potential of your analytics solution and discover new optimization opportunities hidden in your data (e.g., for operational cost reduction, productivity improvements).

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    Unlocking the Insights with Data Analytics

    Data analytics provides a strategic edge, allowing businesses to optimize decision-making, adapt swiftly to changing needs, and bolster data-driven security and resilience.

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    Informed Decision-Making

    Data analytics empowers businesses to make informed decisions by extracting valuable insights from vast datasets. This enables organizations to strategize effectively, identify opportunities, and address challenges with data-backed precision.

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    Enhanced Efficiency

    Data analytics optimizes processes and resource allocation, reducing operational costs and enhancing productivity. By automating data analysis, businesses can streamline operations, making them more efficient and cost-effective.


    Competitive Advantage

    Leveraging data analytics provides a competitive edge. Organizations that harness the power of data can adapt to market changes more rapidly, respond to customer needs effectively, and develop innovative solutions, positioning themselves ahead of the competition.

    Success Stories

    See how we deliver client's idea
    into excellent result!


    Optimize Salesforce ROI for semiconductor manufacturer.

    Drive R&D excellence for tech-innovation companies by implementing tailo

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    Tailoring Salesforce for an analytics-focused enterprise.

    Tailoring Salesforce for an analytics-focused enterprise.

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    Plans & Pricing

    All in one data and analytics engineering subscriptions

    The plans below are based on companies with 100 employees or less.
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    with basic IT requirements
    $ 49.99 monthly / device (Min $100/month plan)
    • OT and IoT Monitoring
    • Network Asset Management
    • Automated Email & SMS Alerts
    • Monthly Executive Reports
    • Annual Cyber Security Surveys
    • Cyber-expert Incident Response
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    with advanced IT requirements
    $ 79.99 monthly / device (Min $100/month plan)
    • OT and IoT Monitoring
    • Network Asset Management
    • Automated Email & SMS Alerts
    • Monthly Executive Reports
    • Annual Cyber Security Surveys
    • Cyber-expert Incident Response
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    with premium IT requirements
    $ 129.99 monthly / device (Min $100/month plan)
    • OT and IoT Monitoring
    • Network Asset Management
    • Automated Email & SMS Alerts
    • Monthly Executive Reports
    • Annual Cyber Security Surveys
    • Cyber-expert Incident Response
    Frequently Asked Questions
    First and foremost, you never want to go without security protection on your computer. Free Anti-Virus has very low detection rates. Give us a call and we will be happy to inform you of the latest security software we recommend and sell to all our clients for Spyware, Malware and Virus protection
    Our service model uses a fixed monthly fee, which is based on the size and complexity of your particular network. Once contracted, your Managed IT Services will cover maintenance and support for every component of your network, providing you with peace of mind and the ability to accurately forecast your IT maintenance costs.
    Cloud backup also known as Online Backup is the process where your onsite backups are transferred to an offsite server every night. The server is located in a secure data centre in Perth. Cloud Backup replaces the need for someone to take a backup home each night. It is more secure, reliable and easier to manage and monitor.
    We pride ourselves on being “ecosystem agnostic”: whether you use Google Apps or Office365, Windows or Mac, Android or iOS, we will support your team. Need to install a server onsite or host one virtually on Amazon or Azure? We will support you. Need to transition from one ecosystem to another? We’ll be there for you.
    No problem! We offer scalable solutions that can be tailored to meet your specific needs. Whether you need a full package of managed IT services and consulting, security solutions or service desk support, ITLab makes it simple with an affordable and customized flat rate service plan.
    Simply put, ITLab Managed IT Services means we take care of your entire information technology requirement. We manage all your hardware and software sourcing, installation, technical support, and IT staffing needs. It also means ITLab acts as your go-to consultancy and support team, providing scheduled maintenance and upgrading of your systems, along with emergency assistance to keep your business up and running.
    Flat-rate billing gives you the ability to budget your IT expenses so you can better focus on your core business goals. We customize each service package for your unique business, so you only pay for what you need. ITLab serves as your “one stop shop” for all your managed IT services needs. And we do it all for one fixed monthly cost – We Don’t Profit from your Pain!
    Managed IT Services Contracts vary by provider. Some providers offer month-to-month programs, while others require a multi-year contract. Some have a very high startup cost and lower monthly, while others require a multi-year contract. Some have a very high startup cost and lower monthly, while others offer a middle of the road monthly cost and spread the cost of startup over the term of the agreement.

    If you don’t find your answer, feel free to give us a call or drop us a note