What’s the problem?

The client aimed to digitize their comprehensive end-to-end processes spanning both their B2B and B2C operations.

The client aimed to modernize and streamline their entire business workflow encompassing both B2B and B2C sectors. Salesforce was selected as the central tool to empower customer-facing staff across call centers, stores, partner organizations, and sales teams. Within the client’s portfolio, multiple Salesforce projects share a common objective: enhancing customer focus, accelerating value delivery, and boosting productivity through the strategic digitization of processes.

What we did…

Wrinom has devised a comprehensive transformational roadmap aimed at optimizing their Salesforce investment, prioritizing security measures, and aligning with organizational compliance standards.

The architecture team has demonstrated robust business engagement, collaborating closely with stakeholders to identify and address key organizational pain points. This collaborative effort ensures the effective utilization of Salesforce Sales and Service Cloud licenses.

The Architecture team has strategically outlined integration and security approaches for existing marketing automation and data warehouse solutions. Workshops have been conducted to enhance the Sales Pipeline and Opportunity management process, incorporating contract management for a streamlined workflow.

A novel complaints and compensation management solution has been designed, leveraging Service Cloud’s Email-to-Case and SLA management functionality. The team has facilitated formal engagements with the client’s architecture council, security, and privacy teams to guarantee that the proposed solution aligns with organizational policies, directives, and guidelines. This holistic approach ensures not only the optimization of Salesforce capabilities but also adherence to the highest standards of compliance and security.

How did it do?

The implemented solution has led to an increased adoption of Salesforce, resulting in enhanced data quality and improved business insights.

Enhanced communication channels have been established among sales, legal, and customer onboarding teams, fostering improved collaboration. This has resulted in more accurate and comprehensive sales pipeline information being entered into the system, further facilitating communication between Sales, Legal, and customer onboarding teams.

The complaint management team has experienced a reduction in complexity, allowing them to concentrate on resolving customer issues more efficiently. This improvement is attributed to enhanced automation and a decrease in manual re-keying of information.

The delivered solution not only meets the client’s rigorous security standards but also ensures the preservation of structural separation. This guarantees the integrity and security of the implemented system.

The contract management process has been de-risked through a heightened understanding of contractual obligations across a portfolio of customers. This strategic improvement minimizes potential risks and uncertainties in the contract management lifecycle.

Via: www.dpsolutions.com