“Wrinom is assisting a leading technology manufacturer on a global scale, enabling innovation-driven companies in research and development through the implementation of Salesforce automations and strategic consultations”

GlobalFoundries, a leader in the industry with revenue exceeding USD 7 billion, is dedicated to providing innovative interconnect solutions for the Information, Communications, and Commercial electronics markets. Emphasizing robust research and development, the company focuses on advancing the next generation of high-speed interconnects, power distribution solutions, and pioneering manufacturing methods.

Across their global network of R&D centers, GlobalFoundries has achieved significant milestones, boasting the registration of thousands of patents and licensing agreements, solidifying their position as a driving force in technological innovation.


While GlobalFoundries places a strong emphasis on Research and Development for new products and technology, it is crucial to address the obstacles encountered by the organization. The primary challenges include:

  1. Manual System Maintenance Efforts: The arduous task of manually updating multiple systems proves time-consuming, posing a challenge to the seamless upkeep of various platforms.
  2. Customer Service Complexity: The customer service team grapples with intricate processes, facing a prolonged journey in managing both customer and internal tickets within the Salesforce system.
  3. Automation Deficiency for Efficiency and ROI Enhancement: GlobalFoundries contends with a lack of essential automations, impeding efforts to streamline tasks and maximize Return on Investment (ROI) within the Salesforce framework.

The Goal

Wrinom set forth clear objectives aimed at driving Salesforce optimization and enhancing operational efficiency. The primary goals included:

  1. Maximizing Salesforce ROI and Best Practices Adoption:
    • Focus on increasing Return on Investment (ROI) by implementing best practices for optimal utilization of the Salesforce platform.
  2. Streamlining Customer Service through Automation:
    • Introduce automation and workflow solutions to expedite various customer service processes, aiming to enhance efficiency and support the hardworking team.
  3. Establishing a Unified Data Source for Analytics:
    • Strive for a single source of truth to empower robust analytics, ensuring accurate and comprehensive insights for informed decision-making.
  4. Elevating Customer Satisfaction through Auto-Response Email Implementations:
    • Implement auto-response email mechanisms to enhance customer satisfaction by providing swift and automated responses.


  1. Integration Mastery:
    • Salesforce Harmony: Integrate effortlessly with Salesforce Integration Cloud, ensuring real-time synchronization and eliminating manual data upkeep.
  2. Customer Service Excellence:
    • Service Cloud Symphony: Implement Salesforce Service Cloud for a seamless customer service experience. From case management to automated workflows, efficiency is paramount.
  3. Workflow Wonders:
    • Process Wizardry: Leverage Salesforce Process Builder and Flows for automated tasks, from record updates to notifications, optimizing manual efforts.
  4. Optimizing ROI:
    • Insightful Dashboards: Craft custom reports and dashboards, offering a centralized analytics hub to optimize Salesforce usage and track key performance metrics.
  5. Automated Satisfaction:
    • Swift Responses: Implement Email-to-Case and workflow rules for auto-response emails, ensuring prompt communication and heightened customer satisfaction.
  6. Platform Prowess:
    • Training Oasis: Foster platform adoption through regular training sessions, keeping the team abreast of best practices and new features.
  7. Continuous Evolution:
    • Agile Enhancements: Regularly assess processes, gather user feedback, and implement continuous improvements to meet evolving business needs.
  8. Mobile Momentum:
    • Salesforce on the Go: Empower team with the Salesforce Mobile App, ensuring productivity and responsiveness anytime, anywhere.

“We have greatly improved their working environment experience for their employees and provided them with confidence”

Nikunj Patel, Wrinom’s CTO.


Certainly, here’s a succinct overview of the expected results for GlobalFoundries after implementing the suggested Salesforce solutions:

  1. Operational Efficiency Boost:
    • Reduction in manual efforts leads to streamlined processes.
    • Automation of tasks results in increased operational efficiency, allowing teams to focus on strategic activities.
  2. Heightened Customer Service Performance:
    • Implementation of Service Cloud improves ticket management and response times.
    • Enhanced workflows contribute to a more responsive and customer-centric service approach.
  3. Data-Driven Decision-Making:
    • Single source of truth through custom reports and dashboards facilitates better-informed decisions.
    • Improved analytics empower the organization to adapt swiftly to market trends and customer needs.
  4. Tangible Increase in ROI:
    • Streamlined processes and optimized workflows contribute to a measurable boost in Salesforce ROI.
    • Enhanced data accuracy ensures that the organization maximizes the value derived from the Salesforce platform.
  5. Customer Satisfaction Uplift:
    • Auto-response email implementations result in prompt acknowledgment and communication.
    • Improved customer service processes and responsiveness lead to heightened customer satisfaction and loyalty.
  6. Adoption of Best Practices and Continuous Improvement:
    • Regular training programs foster a culture of continuous learning and best practice adoption.
    • Agile enhancements and continuous assessments ensure that the organization stays aligned with evolving business needs.

“We were not only looking for an IT provider, but a partner.  We found a true partner with Wrinom”  

Ziya A., Director, GlobalFoundries

In summary, the implementation of these Salesforce solutions is anticipated to yield a more efficient, customer-centric, and data-driven business for GlobalFoundries , ultimately contributing to increased customer satisfaction and sustained business success. #Salesforce #DigitalTransformation

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