The client is a US-based analytics firm specializing in AI-driven property intelligence to streamline and enhance the insurance process.


The client utilized Salesforce Sales Cloud for client information gathering, sales management, and team collaboration. However, these processes were inefficiently configured, prompting the client to seek customization to boost sales performance.

Additionally, the client aimed to enhance their customer service processes due to low customer satisfaction. Unfortunately, they lacked the internal resources and expertise needed for these improvements.


The client partnered with Wrinom to enhance their Salesforce experience, tailoring the Sales Cloud-based CRM to their unique needs. Understanding the importance of an efficient sales process, Wrinom’s experts strategically:

  1. Empowered Teams:
    • Crafted personalized user roles and permissions, granting distinct automation capabilities to sales reps and managers, fostering a collaborative and dynamic environment.
  2. Boosted Productivity:
    • Introduced automated task assignments, ensuring sales reps promptly connect with clients, creating a seamless and proactive sales workflow.
  3. Enhanced Communication:
    • Implemented automated email notifications, guaranteeing that no crucial deadlines were overlooked during the sales journey.

To tackle customer service challenges and enhance satisfaction rates, Wrinom seamlessly integrated Salesforce Sales Cloud with Service and Community Clouds, delivering:

  1. Efficient Case Management:
    • Streamlined case resolution with tailored workflows and automated notifications, ensuring a swift response to customer needs.
  2. Empowered Customers:
    • Introduced a user-friendly self-service portal equipped with a knowledge base and FAQ section, empowering customers to find solutions independently and submit case requests effortlessly.

This collaborative effort aimed not only to refine CRM functionalities but also to elevate customer satisfaction and retention rates. Wrinom’s commitment to addressing client-specific challenges ensured a more intuitive and effective Salesforce solution.


By strategically amplifying automation and meticulously adjusting user roles and permissions, the client witnessed a substantial upswing in sales volume while concurrently elevating the efficiency of their sales team. The integration of Salesforce Service and Community Clouds not only enriched their CRM but also served as a catalyst for delivering a sophisticated and nuanced customer service experience. This comprehensive approach not only fortified customer retention strategies but also resulted in a marked augmentation of overall customer satisfaction, positioning the client as a paragon of excellence in their industry.