About the Company

As a partner for payment solutions, insurance, and financial services, FreedomPay helps its customers optimize their financial transactions. The company’s mission is to bring transparency to the world of finance and payment solutions, providing individual, customer-oriented services. The Swiss enterprise is committed to offering comprehensive advice and support to its customers, assisting them in making informed decisions to secure the best possible outcomes. FreedomPay strives to give their clients the best possible service and value for money.


FreedomPay was in a challenging situation when a government announcement revealed the replacement of traditional payment methods with a QR code system. With the high transaction season quickly approaching, FreedomPay needed to find a way to integrate the QR code into their payment processes quickly and efficiently. That’s when Wrinom came to the rescue.

Wrinom worked closely with FreedomPay to develop a solution that would fit their needs. They continuously tested and updated the features throughout the process, ensuring that the QR code was properly integrated into the payment system. In the end, Wrinom was able to deliver the project in time for FreedomPay’s high transaction season, allowing them to successfully process payments with the QR code included.


Wrinom’s team of experts worked closely with FreedomPay to develop a custom solution that integrated with their existing processes and addressed their new workflow automation needs. The team put together a comprehensive QA testing plan that included testing the new features and ensuring they worked seamlessly with the old features, as well as avoiding any potential conflicts.

The team also worked with the resource manager to increase resources and add extra developer support to quickly investigate the new features. The developers worked on a proof of concept in a separate sandbox to ensure the logic of the QR code integration worked with the mapping of the transaction data. The team also had a meeting with the QR code service provider to understand the end-to-end process.

Before the Salesforce implementation, the customer had to manually go through the entire business process, from customer contact to managing transactions and data. It was a time-consuming and tedious process.

Salesforce was implemented to streamline the process and provide better customer service.

The customer now uses Sales Cloud, Experience Cloud (Community), Salesforce Shield, and Marketing Account Manager (Pardot) to manage transactions and data.

The customer has a B2C business model and uses the Salesforce features to their advantage.

They use standard and custom objects to store:

  • Transaction information
  • Reports and dashboards to track transaction data
  • A mobile app to access transaction data on the go
  • Pardot to create and manage customer campaigns
  • Community to provide customers with a platform to connect and interact
  • Flows and Screenflows to automate processes.

The customer also uses integrations such as Kulturra, Stripe, Conga, and Swiss QR code to integrate with other systems. With these integrations, the customer is able to quickly access transaction data and provide a better customer experience.

Wrinom was able to create a custom solution that was tailored to FreedomPay’s specific needs. The result was an automated workflow that was efficient and streamlined, making FreedomPay’s business processes faster and more effective.


When FreedomPay approached Wrinom for a custom Salesforce solution, they needed a way to streamline their business processes to make them more efficient. Wrinom was able to deliver on this need, creating a custom solution that incorporated their existing processes with their new workflow automation needs.

Wrinom was able to integrate a QR code system and deploy the entire billing process workflow before the client’s high transaction season. This successful implementation avoided lots of manual work for the client’s team.

FreedomPay was extremely satisfied with the results and the benefits they gained from Wrinom’s Salesforce implementation. The automated workflow increased their efficiency and saved them time, money, and resources, allowing them to focus on other areas of the business.

We are proud to have been a part of FreedomPay’s success in using Salesforce to streamline their business processes and increase their growth. FreedomPay’s success is a testament to the power of Salesforce and the potential it has to elevate businesses to new heights.