Opportunity/Problem Statement:

Complexity and Maintenance Issue with Existing Payment Gateways: The organization, dedicated to offering memberships through diverse channels, faced a significant challenge in managing payments. Each channel utilized a different payment gateway, leading to complexities in compatibility and maintenance. Proposed enhancements and updates related to payment processes encountered impediments, hindering crucial business decisions. The need for a streamlined and efficient payment solution became paramount.

Handling Unpaid Memberships: Adding to the complexity, legal constraints mandated a unique approach to managing unpaid memberships, separate from the standard flow. Designing a new flow for unpaid memberships was essential but proved intricate due to the intricacies of legal compliance.

Solution Highlights:

Unified Backend Environment and Payment Gateway: Wrinom undertook the task of creating a unified backend environment that seamlessly integrated with all channels. A new payment gateway was implemented to address compatibility issues and simplify maintenance. This not only streamlined payment processes but also set the foundation for future enhancements. The architecture was designed with flexibility in mind, anticipating the dynamic nature of payment processes.

Refund Process Management: In addition to payment processing, Wrinom developed a robust solution for managing potential refunds. A well-defined workflow ensured that refund processes were handled efficiently, contributing to a more comprehensive and user-friendly system.

Distinct Flow for Unpaid Memberships: Recognizing the need for a separate flow for unpaid memberships, Wrinom designed and implemented a solution that adhered to legal constraints while maintaining user-friendliness. This distinctive flow allowed for the effective management of special memberships, ensuring compliance and ease of use for business users.

Scalable and Future-Ready Architecture: The solution’s architecture was crafted to be scalable, capable of handling significant improvements in the future with minimal disruptions. This forward-looking approach instilled confidence in the organization’s ability to adapt to evolving payment processes.


  1. Streamlined Business Decisions:
    • Efforts for verification and redesign aligned with channel compatibility significantly reduced, expediting business decisions.
  2. Efficient Maintenance:
    • The transition to a single payment gateway streamlined maintenance, making it less time-consuming and more efficient.
  3. Reduced Backend Load:
    • Consolidating transactions through a single payment gateway alleviated the backend load associated with managing multiple gateways.
  4. Compliance with Legal Requirements:
    • The introduction of a distinct flow for unpaid memberships ensured legal compliance, allowing the organization to manage special memberships effectively.
  5. Confidence in Handling Future Changes:
    • The flexible solution architecture instilled confidence, empowering the organization to handle upcoming changes and improvements with ease.
  6. Seamless Adoption of New Flow:
    • The similar flow for unpaid memberships facilitated a smooth transition for business users, requiring minimal training efforts.