About the Company

Amnesty International is a UK social business/enterprise that operates worldwide mixing social responsibility with entrepreneurship to make the world a little better. Their goal is to integrate refugees and migrants into the labour market and hence into society. In essence, Amnesty International has developed the idea of a ‘nonprofit temping agency’. They employ refugees and asylum-seekers, hiring them out for temporary work to partner companies. All income generated is used to support their salaries and provide additional training, such as language support. The ultimate aim is that the temporary worker transfers over to the partner company as a permanent employee.


Amnesty International encountered the challenge of ensuring the scalability of their internal CRM system, aiming to efficiently match potential candidates with relevant jobs in a timely manner. To address this, Wrinom experts recommended the implementation of a comprehensive Salesforce CRM system seamlessly integrated into Amnesty International business operations.

A critical requirement involved matching jobs and candidates based on local proximity, necessitating the incorporation of a Google Maps component. Additionally, the project had to be completed promptly as the licenses for Amnesty International’s previous CRM system were expiring, and a precise migration of data was imperative.


By leveraging Sales Cloud’s efficient tools and extensions, Amnesty International successfully visualized and optimized their customer funnel. From attracting leads (companies and job seekers) to converting them into either job opportunities or candidates, the Salesforce implementation streamlined their processes.

Wrinom experts designed customized objects, including a mapping component, to match jobs with their ideal candidates, aligning with Amnesty International’s emphasis on proximity. Integration with Gmail and the Google Business suite ensured seamless email and calendar coordination. Furthermore, integration with Mailchimp connected Salesforce to Loomly’s email marketing solution.


Following the Salesforce implementation by Wrinom, Amnesty International’s witnessed notable improvements in their business and sales operations. Recruitment processes for both candidates and partner companies became faster and more efficient, significantly reducing user work-time.

Automation played a pivotal role throughout the implementation, with the introduction of an automated matching tool and a calculator for determining business profit margins. The recruiting team at Amnesty International now documents all job interviews directly in Salesforce, saving valuable time, money, and streamlining data entry processes.