About the Company

Stockpoint was a provider since 1995 of online financial information (quotes, charts, portfolio tracking, etc.) through its websites InvestorsEdge.com and Stockpoint.com. The company also supplied SaaS (software as a service) capabilities which powered market data features for over 200 other websites such as Barclays Global Investors, Piper Jaffray, Quick & Reilly, the San Francisco Chronicle and Wired News


In the dynamic landscape of global expansion, Stockpoint faced the challenge of sustaining meaningful communication with its expanding client base while preserving a personalized touch. The imperative was to retain and engage existing clients, necessitating a structured and personalized outreach strategy. Recognizing the evolving regulatory environment, Stockpoint sought our expertise to orchestrate a strategic plan, design, and implementation of Marketing Cloud. The objective was to craft customer journeys, highly personalized emails, and sustain client engagement seamlessly.


Embarking on an in-depth scoping phase, we meticulously discerned Stockpoint’s unique requirements. The solutions devised were tailored to address their specific needs:

  1. Inaugural Customer Journey: We initiated Stockpoint’s maiden customer journey, a crucial component in the onboarding process. Harnessing the capabilities of the journey builder, we crafted highly personalized emails, utilizing both product and customer data. This bespoke approach allowed Stockpoint to engage with its customer base in a manner that resonated uniquely with each individual.
  2. Behavioral Data Customization: Leveraging the extensive capabilities of Marketing Cloud, we designed and implemented a system that could customize specific journeys based on behavioral data. This level of granularity provided individualized interactions, ensuring that each customer’s unique preferences and actions were taken into account.
  3. Engagement Tracking and Support Identification: Through the implemented solution, Stockpoint gained the ability to track client engagement comprehensively. This not only facilitated a deeper understanding of customer behavior but also empowered the identification of clients who required one-to-one support.


The outcomes of our collaborative efforts were transformative for Stockpoint’s marketing endeavors:

  • Knowledge Empowerment: Despite having limited prior knowledge of Marketing Cloud, the Stockpoint marketing team swiftly assumed control of the system post our training and handover sessions.
  • Segmentation Mastery: Stockpoint can now effectively segment its diverse customer base, allowing for targeted and strategic marketing initiatives.
  • Journey Building Proficiency: Armed with advanced personalization tools, Stockpoint is adept at constructing intricate customer journeys that align with its business and marketing objectives.

In essence, the successful integration of Marketing Cloud has positioned Stockpoint at the forefront of client engagement, enabling them to navigate the complexities of a dynamic market while providing unparalleled service to their clients.