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Wrinom is a Top Digital Transformation company offering services in the field of Salesforce (Consulting, customization, Integration), ERP, Data Science/analytics, Web/Mobile app Development and Dev-ops. We are Salesforce Silver Consulting Partner and AWS Consulting Partner.

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Digital modernization involves upgrading and optimizing an organization's digital systems to stay competitive and efficient in the digital age.


Digital transformation is the cornerstone of modern business, converting information into actionable knowledge for sustainable success.

Digital transformation​

Digital transformation is the cornerstone of modern business, converting information into actionable knowledge for sustainable success.


Experience the power of seamless transformation with our expert Salesforce CRM solutions – where innovation meets simplicity for effortless business growth. Find out More

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    Salesforce Consulting
    Efficient Salesforce Solutions for Business Growth.
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    Salesforce Application Development
    Tailored Salesforce guidance and expertise from development to integration
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    Salesforce Migration
    Seamless Salesforce migration for enhanced features.
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    Salesforce Support and Maintenance
    Effortless Salesforce support for peak performance

Data and Analytics Engineering is a field that focuses on the collection, storage, processing, and analysis of data to extract valuable insights and support decision-making. There are several major solutions and tools that play a crucial role in this domain. Here are four of them: Find out More

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    Data Warehousing:
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    Snowflake, Google BigQuery,
    Microsoft Azure Synapse Analytics,
    Amazon Redshift
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    ETL (Extract, Transform, Load) Processes:
    Experties On:
    Talend, Informatica
    Apache Spark, Ab Initio
    Microsoft Azure Data Factory
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    Business Intelligence (BI) and Data Visualization:
    Experties On:
    Tableau, Looker
    Microsoft Power BI
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    Data Processing and Analytics:
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    Python (with Pandas, NumPy, and scikit-learn)

Cloud computing, a digital innovation, redefines how we handle data and computing needs, delivering on-demand resources and accessibility from anywhere. It’s about efficiency, cost-effectiveness, and scalability, making it indispensable for modern businesses and individuals.

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    Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS):
    Experties On:
    Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud Platform (GCP).
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    Platform as a Service (PaaS):
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    Heroku, Google App Engine, Salesforce Lightning Platform
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    Software as a Service (SaaS):
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    Salesforce, HubSpot Zendesk, Quick Books Google Workspace
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    Function as a Service (FaaS):
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    FaaS or serverless computing: Scalable, cost-effective, simplifies development, ideal for variable workloads and real-time triggers.

Discover a comprehensive suite of web application development services tailored to meet your unique needs. Our seasoned team excels in every stage of the development lifecycle – from conceptualization and design to prototyping, seamless construction, and even migration to cutting-edge web architectures. Find out More

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    Web Design & Development
    We craft visually appealing, secure web apps with user-centric UI/UX, database, and CMS friendliness.
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    Progressive Web Apps (PWA)
    Unify web and mobile users through a PWA, optimizing UX with native-like features.
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    Mobile App Development
    We’re a mobile app powerhouse, creating irresistibly engaging apps.
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    Cross-Platform App
    We craft cost-efficient cross-platform apps with a single code base for swift market entry.

AI and machine learning solutions: Revolutionizing data-driven insights with unparalleled efficiency, accessibility, and scalability, empowering modern enterprises and individuals. Find out More

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    Natural Language Processing and Computer Vision:
    AI has made remarkable strides, with significant progress in NLP through models like GPT-3 and BERT, alongside advances in computer vision, including object detection, image segmentation, and facial recognition.

    Tools: OpenCV, TensorFlow, PyTorch, specialized computer vision libraries, OpenAI’s GPT-3, Hugging Face Transformers library, spaCy, NLTK, and deep learning frameworks like TensorFlow and PyTorch have played a pivotal role in developing and implementing these technologies, both in computer vision and NLP.
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    Generative Adversarial Networks (GANs):
    GANs have advanced in generating realistic images, videos, and audio. They have applications in creative domains and data augmentation.

    Tools: Frameworks like TensorFlow and PyTorch are commonly used for GAN development. Additionally, there are specialized GAN libraries, such as Keras-GAN and PyTorch-GAN, that simplify GAN implementation.
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Tailoring Salesforce for an analytics-focused enterprise.

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